• The TPG team has impressed us with their consistent turnaround speed, execution and professionalism. Working with our internal IR and PR teams, TPG has been an integral part of key projects and we value their strategic counsel around sensitive situations. In addition to helping us hone our messaging, TPG has provided us with comprehensive onsite support for our quarterly earnings cycles, and their financial media campaign yielded multiple placements and featured interviews in high-profile publications in the both U.S. and China. TPG has been a dedicated partner to us for many years going beyond IR and providing us with assistance for our non-IR events such as the World Internet Conference and the Qihoo-hosted Internet Security Conferences. I would recommend TPG to any company looking for the highest quality IR consulting and integrated communications.

    – Alex Xu, Former Co-CFO at Qihoo 360

    Alex Xu, Former Co-CFO at Qihoo 360
  • Brandi and her team are simply very good at what they do. They have been an instrumental part of our investor relations team and strategy as we have worked to develop a more positive brand and reputation with the investment community. With their work, we have dramatically improved our research coverage, average trading share volume and number and quality of shareholder. We are very pleased with the decision to hire them… and would strongly recommend anyone looking for an IR firm and strategy, consider Brandi and her team.

    – Tom Lacey, CEO of Tessera

    Tom Lacey, CEO of Tessera
  • I’ve worked with TPG since the firm’s inception in 2005, and collaborating with Brandi and her team has been an absolute pleasure. TPG’s execution-oriented focus always keeps clients’ needs as their No.1 priority. Their ability to quickly comprehend our business model and IR needs enabled a swift program launch that provided us with immediate feedback on the Street’s perception of eHi. These actions were critical in helping us to improve the consistency of our messaging and the clarity of our communication. TPG’s unique investor relations program binds the agency role with in-house functions. This assimilation has provided us with a partner that understands our needs, not only with counsel and communications support, but also by driving opportunities with new tier-one conferences and sell-side opportunities. These consistent value-added practices are ones that we haven’t experienced with other firms.

    – Colin Sung, CFO at eHi Car Services

    Colin Sung, CFO at eHi Car Services
  • In light of Trecora Resources’ expanding operations, we looked to TPG for assistance in driving awareness of our growth strategy and overall value proposition. They have developed a comprehensive investor relations program that includes strategic consulting, message development and marketing to appropriate analysts and investors. Over the past year, we have been introduced to a broader audience of potential investors through conference presentations, non-deal road shows, and conference calls.

    TPG has been instrumental in positioning the Trecora story and communicating our progress by crafting effective news releases and presentations. They have been diligent in following up to see that our message is consistent, clear, and professionally presented and that our time is spent in a most effective manner and venue.

    – Nick Carter (chairman) and Simon Upfill-Brown (CEO), Trecora

    Nick Carter (chairman) and Simon Upfill-Brown (CEO), Trecora
  • I have known Brandi for years since my days on the sell-side. She and the TPG team truly understand the art of communication to the Street and create significant value with a dynamic and proactive investor relations program. From strategic counseling and buy- and sell-side targeting, to earnings preparation and marketing assistance on non-deal roadshows and conferences, the TPG team works seamlessly with our internal team and has strong execution and problem-solving capabilities. We are very fortunate to have TPG’s highly talented IR professionals as our partners, and would not hesitate recommending TPG to other firms looking to enhance their investor relations programs.

    – Mark Marostica, Co-CFO at China Distance Education

    Mark Marostica, Co-CFO at China Distance Education
  • In addition to providing strategic planning and counsel for our IR program, TPG is strong on the day-to-day execution of activities ranging from editing news releases and other communication material, to handling investor inquiries and arranging meetings that optimize the use of executive time. TPG also helped plan and carry out our very successful Investor/Analyst Day in New York, where we were able to provide a much deeper look at our technologies and business model to a broad audience.

    – Robert Andersen, CFO of Tessera

    Robert Andersen, CFO of Tessera
  • It has been a tremendous pleasure working with Brandi and her team at TPG. From marketing and earnings communication to crisis management and strategic advisory, TPG’s professionalism and proactiveness other agencies’ and has fundamentally changed our practices by creating a dynamic IR program. Their 24/7 service model provides us with great flexibility, and TPG’s responsiveness and exceptional problem-solving expertise has also been one of the most important value-adds to us.

    – Jing An, Former CFO at ChinaCache

    Jing An, Former CFO at ChinaCache
  • TPG has played a lead role assisting ParkerVision in developing and executing communication programs in response to important events. We seek their counsel on a wide range of issues, including financial disclosure, reporting legal proceedings, and positioning our commercial strategy. With TPG, we have been able to maintain open communication channels with the investment community during a very challenging period.

    – Cindy Poehlman, CFO of ParkerVision

    Cindy Poehlman, CFO of ParkerVision
  • During 2015, The Piacente Group (TPG) provided this IRO, our management team and board outstanding hands-on support and well-reasoned counsel on strategic communications to the investment community. TPG’s engagement with us manifested during the final dynamic changes to our company’s strategic direction and institutional shareholder base, preceding a merger with a far larger industry participant. TPG clearly demonstrated the ability to quickly cut through the clutter of a complex governance, strategy and market perception situation, allowing us to leverage our combined efforts in a very effective and immediate fashion.

    – Perry Grueber, Director of IR at Wassau Paper Co.

    Perry Grueber, Director of IR at Wassau Paper Co.