Hui Fan

  • Professional Experience and Education
    • Starr Strategic Holdings, Director of Capital Markets
    • Exane BNP Paribas, Equity Research Analyst, European Luxury and Consumer Goods
    • Credit Agricole Cheuvreux, Equity Research Analyst, TMT sector
    • Master’s degree in International Risk Management, HEC Paris
    • Master’s degree in International Finance, ESCE Paris
    • Bachelor’s degree in International Business, UIBE Beijing
  • Why did you join Piacente?

    Before joining Piacente, I had worked in the financial markets for almost 10 years. Through my experience in equity research, I learned about the role IR agencies play in the equity markets and their importance to listed companies. Piacente is the No.1 IR firm in China with a great reputation, so I was honored to be given the opportunity to work here.

  • What aspect of IR do you enjoy most?

    The aspect I enjoy most is communicating with clients and building a deep understanding of their businesses and needs, then developing customized IR programs and solutions to help them achieve their distinct IR goals.

  • What is the most important value Piacente provides to its clients?

    Piacente’s team is full of passion and understanding for all of our clients. We think ahead and move fast to provide them with comprehensive, best-in-class services that help them raise their profile and attract investor attention in the financial markets.

  • What part of your background has helped you succeed in IR?

    My solid background in equity research and work experience in the US and China and capital markets allows me to truly understand our clients’ equity stories. This helps me highlight their investment value and effectively communicate it to the Street.

  • What do you think makes Piacente a unique place to work?

    Piacente is a big warm family and everyone here is professional, responsible and trustworthy. I truly appreciate our team spirit and enjoy working with each of my colleagues.