Mirabelle Huang

  • Professional Experience and Education
    • Master’s degree in Corporate Finance, SKEMA Business School
    • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Beijing Union University
  • Why did you join Piacente?

    After interning at Piacente for four months, I was able to fully appreciate how challenging and rewarding working in the investor relations industry could be. With my team’s immense investment in training me and Piacente’s leading position in the industry, I believe this is the perfect place for me to utilize my past work experience and academic background.

  • What aspect of IR do you enjoy most?

    What I enjoy most about IR is the opportunity to communicate closely with our clients and help them build long-term and trusting relationships with investors.

  • What is the most important value Piacente provides to its clients?

    Piacente harnesses the team’s strong communication skills and specialist support to ensure that companies have the best image in the capital market.

  • What part of your background has helped you succeed in IR?

    My earlier internships at Qishang Investment Fund and Wukuang Securities helped me gain in-depth knowledge of the capital market, a skill set that is essential for the IR industry. Additionally, my education in finance and journalism has given me a solid foundation.

  • What do you think makes Piacente a unique place to work?

    Piacente has a strong supportive culture. All the employees foster connections with each other to satisfy the clients’ requests.