Sophia Shang

  • Professional Experience and Education
    • Master’s degree in Banking and Finance, Newcastle University, Australia
    • Bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Economics, English, Beijing International Studies University
  • Why did you join Piacente?

    Piacente was the first IR firm in China and is full of experienced and highly skilled team members. Their clients receive customized, hands-on solutions with their full-service IR programs. They have a solid base and good reputation in the IR industry. Therefore, I decided to launch my career at Piacente and lay a solid foundation for the future.

  • What aspect of IR do you enjoy most?

    I am developing my skills in the fundamental procedures of how IR account works. I especially enjoy preparing media monitoring reports for our clients. I can not only keep in touch with the TMT and other industries but also strengthen my capabilities in information retrieval. With the help of my team, I am also working to master other new abilities like client-facing activities and communication skills. This has made me realize that I am determined to grow in this industry.

  • What is the most important value Piacente provides to its clients?

    I think the most important value Piacente provides to its clients is developing effective solutions. In addition to their quality, speed and effectiveness, Piacente continuously delivers tangible results to their clients and meets evolving IR goals.

  • What part of your background has helped you succeed in IR?

    I majored in finance, so I have a basic and systematic knowledge of capital markets. I also have a B.S. degree in English and an economic background, which gives me a solid foundation from which I can provide further insights and services to our clients.

  • What do you think makes Piacente a unique place to work?

    The Piacente team is professional, proactive and has a great reputation in the IR industry. Here we are dedicated to providing quality and efficient services to Piacente’s clients. Every team member is responsible, reliable and collaborative, so I believe Piacente is a unique place where I can exercise my skills in teamwork and learn to master a comprehensive knowledge of the IR industry.