Yuki Ren

  • Professional Experience and Education
    • KPMG Huazhen LLP, Assistant Manager
    • Master’s degree in Accounting, Organization and Institutions, London School of Economics and Political Science
    • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance, University of Newcastle
  • Why did you join Piacente?

    Investor relations is a job that develops and enhances an individual’s comprehensive skills. Piacente, as a leader in the investor relations industry, maintains an excellent reputation. Joining this company has allowed me to establish a robust professional knowledge system and cultivate industry insights. At the same time, I have rapidly grown as a person under the guidance of experienced industry veterans.

  • What aspect of IR do you enjoy most?

    The essence of investor relations work lies in maintaining strong and close communication with investors, analysts, and internal management. We assist our clients in promptly conveying strategic directions, financial performance and other crucial information to the investment community. This job not only enhances my personal communication skills and analytical abilities, but also helps me develop sensitivity and insight into financial markets and industry dynamics. The comprehensive improvement of personal skills through daily work is what I like about my job in investor relations.

  • What is the most important value Piacente provides to its clients?

    Piacente offers tailored services to meet different clients’ specific needs and requirements. With our professional support, customers can enhance their visibility in the capital market, maintain a positive corporate image, and showcase the value of their company to investors.

  • What part of your background has helped you succeed in IR?

    Having accumulated knowledge in accounting and finance through my studies and my previous position at KPMG, I possess strong financial expertise and analytical communication skills, enabling me to provide robust support in investor relations work.

  • What do you think makes Piacente a unique place to work?

    Piacente has a great team atmosphere and affords an opportunity to work with terrific colleagues. Together, we are committed to leveraging our professional expertise to create greater value for our clients.