Di Yao

  • Professional Experience and Education
    • MarcumAsia CPAs LLP, HR & Office Manager
    • KPMG Huazhen, Audit Group Partner Assistant
    • Capital Normal University, Chinese Language and Literature major
  • Why did you join Piacente?

    When I first learned about Piacente, I was excited by the Company’s long history in China and broad, high-quality client roster. However, what truly attracted me was Piacente’s atmosphere and the team’s professionalism. I hope to contribute positively and make Piacente’s operations even smoother.

  • What aspect of IR do you enjoy most?

    In the investor relations field, we represent multiple clients facing diverse challenges. Therefore, we must constantly improve ourselves to meet their evolving needs. I relish this process!

  • What is the most important value Piacente provides to its clients?

    Not only do we consistently deliver high-quality work, we also provide diversified services tailored to clients’ requirements to fulfill their specific needs.

  • What part of your background has helped you succeed in IR?

    IR is very much a team effort. Through my years of administrative and HR experience, I have learned to facilitate relationships between management and employees, balancing the interests of all team members so that the company and employees can grow together.

  • What do you think makes Piacente a unique place to work?

    A positive and professional team, people-oriented philosophy and relaxed working atmosphere make Piacente special.